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Selfie Station

Photo Bomb wants to help you capture your event anywhere with the selfie station! Sleek in stature but a massive attention grabber. Ever tried to be a party planner or event photographer and get an organic picture of your guests to memorialize the event? All event images are saved and sent to a website gallery easily accessible to view and download.

The selfie station is a great way to draw people in for a quick, shareable souvenir. It is instantly ready to be shared via text, email, social media or prints. Whether it be a birthday party, wedding, or a corporate event, the selfie station is sure to take your event to the next level.

With any Photo Bomb booth you'll have the unique option of choosing custom photo frames tailored for the event that allows you to brand the event. You'll also have the option of digital props, and different photo layouts, from single, multiple photos, GIF's, or Boomerangs.

Nothing will get your guests talking, mingling, and laughing like the Selfie Station!

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